Every Content Creator Should Do This — Now!

Vlad Yashin
5 min readAug 20, 2023

It doesn’t matter whether you’re posting on X, writing articles, or creating videos. This might be the next game-changer that will boost your credibility & visibility.

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It’s 15:08 outside.

Before we start if you don’t know me:

I am a Data Scientist who is currently working on enterprise Gen AI projects. I think, read, work, use, leverage, write, record, explore, and create everything round about machine intelligence & data science.

I work a lot with GPT tech (from code generation to large-scale implementation into various systems).

I was recently thinking a lot about AI-generated content, its impact on society, and in general how we consume information in 2023.

Just look at these numbers in one of the recent studies by Capterra…

Source: Capterra

According to a study, 63% of marketers in 2022 were using AI for email marketing, followed by 58% for advertising, and 57% for data analysis.

But what about all that writers & content creators on such platforms as Medium, X (formerly Twitter), personal blogs, etc?

Well, a lot of people use AI (such tools as ChatGPT, Llama, etc.) for generating articles. No doubts.

For instance, my Medium’s feed is BOOMing with AI-generated stories about “young billionaires” and “GPT masters who’ll teach you so you don’t miss out”.

Thankfully I’m working a lot with LLMs and can detect AI-generated BS pretty fast.

If you’re a such person — let me tell you.

People smell sh#t.

It’s just a matter of time till people will learn how to use large language models & process the information that they are consuming.



Vlad Yashin

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