OpenAI Dev Day: Rumors, Leaks & Product Strategy

Vlad Yashin
4 min readNov 6, 2023

OpenAI Dev Day is right around the corner, and here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect. Top rumors, leaked screenshots, a video of a new ChatGPT prototype, predictions & beyond.

Photo by Emre Karataş on Unsplash

This might be the biggest AI event of 2023. The OpenAI Dev Day event will be streamed here.

Now, let’s jump into the jungle of rumors and the ocean of leaks.

1. Gizmo V8 — the new ChatGPT prototype

The new ChatGPT prototype, Gizmo V8 will have a brand-new look.

This prototype reportedly resembles the ChatGPT iOS App but introduces plenty of innovative features.

Some of them include:

  • Sandbox - Provides an environment to import, test, and modify existing chatbots.
  • Custom Actions - Define additional functionality for your chatbot using OpenAPI specifications
  • Knowledge Files - attach additional files that your chatbot can reference
  • Tools - Provides basic tools for web browsing, image creation, etc.
  • Analytics - View and analyze chatbot usage data, offering a wealth of analytics to enhance development (really looking forward to it)
  • Drafts - Save and share drafts of chatbots you’re creating
  • Publishing - publicly distribute your completed chatbot
  • Sharing - Sharing chatbots with family & friends
  • Marketplace - Deployment of chatbots created by other users (something like the Google Store or App Store)

2. Context Connectors

OpenAI might introduce a new “killing” feature in the form of context connectors.

Connect to the apps & services outside of the GPT environment to access context-specific information.

My prediction is that everything that can be connected via the API will be a part of ChatGPT’s system very soon.



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